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We are America’s Boating Club®

Summer is here, have an enjoyable and safe 2018 boating season.

Congratulations, we paddled into 1st Place in the Non-Profit Division Milk Carton Race in the Best Boat at the 2018 SeaFair Milk Carton Derby!

Download above 2018 Milk Carton Presentation

Additional Milk Carton pictures can be found at
Cindys Pictures-2018 Milk Carton Derby ,
Jims Pictures-2018 Milk Carton Derby , and
Steves Pictures-2018 Milk Carton Derby ,

-- VSC - Schedule your safety inspection. Call/email your favorate inspector, or Susan Walker at 253-213-2850 or at smwseattle@gmail.com. You can also schedule a VSC online by selecting the following link Vessel Safety Check!

-- If you plan on cruising this summer you may want to start thinking about making the appropriate reservation and host notifications. See Rendezvous schedule for 2018 planning. We are also looking for volunteer hosts and co-hosts.

We are your club!

-- If you have any ideas for activities during our general meetings, other squadron events or education classes, please contact someone on our bridge.


The Advanced Piloting Class is set to start September 27th at Genesis Health and Rehab 4755 South 48th Street Tacoma, WA 908409. Gary Ball will be instructing. We urge all the students who recently took the Piloting Class to give this opportunity serious thought. Send Otto an email or call if you are considering the class. Materials need to be ordered a month before it starts. (253)-921-3839 email- otto@ottorasmussen.com
You can also sign-up for any of the classes online Tacoma Power Squadron Boating Courses


We are looking for volunteers willing to help instruct members and fellow boaters in on the water boat handling. We get requests for instruction in regards to departing, docking and close quarter handling. In general, slow speed boat maneuvering. If you could give us a hand, please let Otto know.

If you know of someone who might be interested in joining TPS, contact Jackie Mattox, (253)732-2264 or at jrgeezers@comcast.net

As always check out your Award Winning Wake Astern for the most current rendezvous info.