Favorite Boating Videos

A few videos the webmaster finds interesting.

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Yachting Monthly's Crash Test crew makes a hole in its boat, puts it in the water and tries various methods of preventing water flooding in. Is it possible to stop the boat from sinking?

This two videos above was made for AV-OG-TIL a Norwegian NGO, working to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol. The aim is to raise awareness around the dangers of intoxication while operating a boat, driving a car, when pregnant or together with children. Docking is an art form best practiced sober.

Pehaps we should consider something like the above (with life jackets) for our next ren·dez·vous.

2018 SeaFair Milk Carton Derby.

Congratulations TPS Milk Carton Participants, we paddled into 1st Place in the Non-Profit Division Milk Carton Race in the Best Boat at the 2018 SeaFair Milk Carton Derby!

Download above 2018 Milk Carton Presentation

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