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Contact the Squadron Education Officer, Lt/C Bentley Rickmers.

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The Educational Department is under the direction of the Squadron Educational Officer, known as the SEO. The department is divided into three sections:  Basic Boating, Advanced Grades and Elective Courses.

USPS membership is no longer a requirement for taking educational classes.  However, non-members will be automatically enrolled in USPS University for tracking purposes.  Members are notified of course schedules in The Wake Astern, at meetings and on the squadron’s web site.

There is a fee for each course which includes course material, processing and examination costs.  Non-members will pay a higher fee for course materials.  Material fees and examination fees are collected at the first class.  At this time, all final examinations are sent to USPS for correction and the members are notified of pass or fail by the SEO, course chairman or by mail.  In case a member does not pass, a re-examination may be arranged.

Each squadron class is under the direction of a class chairperson who is responsible for instruction and class schedules.  The class chairperson may teach individual class sessions and may arrange for other squadron members to teach one or more class sessions. 

The instructors for squadron classes and the USPS Boating Course classes are all members of the squadron.  New instructors are always welcome.  If you would like to teach, volunteer your services to one of the class chairs.  Their names appear in the Commencement Bay.  If you are willing to accept a more challenging opportunity to serve your fellow members, contact your SEO and volunteer your services as a class chairperson.