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Why Join The Tacoma Power Squadron?

"Jackie and I bought our first boat at Olympic Boat in Fife, where the Tacoma Power Squadron had a display of boating information and classes available to the public. Jackie immediately stated "if we're buying that boat, we're both taking classes. Thirteen years later, we're still learning and enjoying every part of TPS membership, as well as our second boat "ClasSeaLass"."

~Jackie and Richard Mattox~

"I couldn't remember which slip was mine, but knew it was inside kind of toward the center.  I came in, turned the boat into the slip and watched as the bow pulpit bumped into one of the roof's upright supports, neatly tearing it away from the base. Expecting the roof to collapse on top of the boat, my son, and me, all I could think of was the damage I was about to do to the other boats moored at the dock." Read the full story

~Stan Wolfe~

By becoming a member of the Tacoma Power Squadron, you'll have the opportunity not only to take boating education classes at reduced rates, but enjoy a host of other benefits and opportunities.

These opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • Discounted rates on boater education classes
  • Save money on your boat insurance based on courses completed and vessel safety checks
  • Valuable services including Sea Tow Membership, Vessel Assist Membership, Boat/US Membership, and more.
  • Members Helping Members through a Port Captains Program that includes cruising/travel tips based on local information
  • Opportunities to have FUN that include land based as well as on-the-water recreational and civic service activities
  • Organized Cruises & Rendezvous with special friends that are suitable for the entire family
  • Social events, potluck dinners, picnics, parties and interesting meetings with special guest speakers on topics of interest to boaters