TPS Examiners

You can send your completed inspection reports to Susan Walker, VSC Chairperson. Her mailing address is P.O.Box 519 Tacoma, WA 98401. She will also be taking requests for VSC supplies etc, as well as helping organize VSC team events. She can be reached at 253-213-2850 or at

Schedule A
Vessel Safety Check

If you would like to schedule a VSC select the following link

I Want a Vessel Safety Check!

and you be transferred to a US Coast Guard website where you can input your request. Based on your request, the nearest Coast Guard and Power Squadron Vessel Inspectors will be notified by email, and will contact you for your inspection.

Vessel Safety Checks

Vessel Safety ChecksUSPS® in conjunction with the USCG Auxiliary, in the national Vessel Safety Check Program offers a free safety check of your boat. Boaters have nothing to lose and much to gain by getting a free safety check.  No citations are issued even if a serious violation is found. 

Vessel Safety Checks are totally voluntary.  the results of the exam are provided only to the vessel owner/operator.

The examiners will check a number of items including proper registration and numbering, navigation lights, personal flotation devices for each person, flares, fire extinguishers, proper ventilation, fuel systems, flame arresters, bilge pumps, anchors and anchor line, FCC radio licenses,and overhaul vessel condition to name a few of the 27 items on their list.  Vessel examiners have extensive training and often catch problems that even the most experienced boater might not notice. Examiners can also counsel boaters on a variety of basic boating safety issues.

The effect of all this is that boaters who get a Vessel Safety Exam are more safety conscious overall. After passing the safety exam you will get a decal showing that your boat has passed a VSC.

Tacoma Power Squadrons main goal of performing Vessel Safety Checks and offering public boating education go hand in hand.  It is an extremely valuable, free program for boaters.  Making our waters and recreational boating safer for all of us.