2017 Tacoma Power Squadron Rendezvous


28 Jan

Copperline Cruise In††††††††††††

Thanks Jackie, Richard, Cindy and Larry & all who attended. Hope everyone had a fun time. Great start of the food and fellowship portion of the 2017 boating season.

Jackie & Richard Mattox 

Cindy & Larry Warren 

24-26 February

Gig Harbor

Thanks Stan and Debbie & all who attended. Hope everyone had a fun time. Great start of the 2017 boating season.

Stan & Debbie Wolfe

24-26 March

Dock Street

Thanks Bentley, Cliff, Sandi and Mitch & all who attended.

Bentley & Cliff Rickmer

Sandi & Mitch Carroll

7-9 April

LongbranchGreat job Hosts, The weather improved Saturday and Sunday. Special thanks to Geoff, Todd and Tim for their on the water rescue in the high seas of Filucy Bay.

Todd & Melinda Mackey

Geoff & Nancy Ringstad

21-23 April

Daffodil @ Tacoma Yacht Club Thanks to Tourmaline for being our TPS flagship again.It was fine looking vessel that was beautifully decorated. Thanks to all daffodil participants for your support.


Jon Everett & Sharon Cryan

Larry and Cindy Warren


26-29 May

Port OrchardThanks Karen, Jim, Tim and Linda

 Karen & Jim Jackson

22-25 June

Poulsbo District 16 Rendezvous Thanks TPS for a great dock party


28-30 July


Summer 2017 San Juan Islands Cruise


Letís do it again soon


25-27 August

Bell HarborThank You Mike and Jenna

Mike & Jenna Ashbrook††

1-4 September

Swantown†† Thank You Larry, Cindy, Tom and Rebecca and all who attended.

Larry and Cindy Warren

Tom and Rebecca

14 October

Salmon Bake at Sharpís House

See wake astern for details

Chuck & Vicki Sharp




††††††††††† †††††††††††

Any Marina with a phone # means you must call the marina and the host or fleet captain to reserve for the weekend.

Please call host if attending a rendezvous for planning purposes. Please consider hosting a rendezvous or helping to host.


Cindy Warren 360-897-8692 c.m.warren-7@hotmail.com††††††††† Becky Arrington 253-381-6226